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What quality practices does Syntes employ to ensure I will receive high quality translations?

We take very seriously the process of delivering the highest-quality translations. We start by assigning only the best translators for the particular project at hand. Then, a key part of our quality process is the editing process, and it is in this area where we believe we really stand out in the industry. Only the very best translators are capable of becoming excellent editors, and even many of those will not be suitable. Syntes proactively develops strong editors by providing training and feedback to its editors. And we continuously give feedback and training to our translators, so they can also grow their skill set. The process of feedback is fundamental to the Syntes team methodology in that it provides a supportive peer review and mentoring environment which constantly works to improve the quality of our translations.

Also key to the process of driving towards the highest-quality translations is ensuring that all files are checked one last time prior to delivery to ensure that they are clean and free of defects. This task is usually managed by the project manager, and is designed to catch non-linguistic errors before delivery.

What differentiates Syntes’ approach to quality?

We are a translator-owned company. As such, we do some things differently. For instance, all of our project managers are linguists themselves and have worked as translators and editors. This experience gives them a unique view in terms of how to best approach projects and allows us, as a company, to be more responsive to our clients’ needs and turnaround times. And because we are translator owned and our CEO has achieved significant visibility and leadership roles in the industry, we enjoy outstanding vendor relations.

In addition, Syntes and in particular our CEO and President Beatriz Bonnet, strongly believes in the importance of maintaining translation quality throughout the industry. Beatriz is personally involved in industry-wide initiatives to produce a standard for quality that can be used by vendors and customers to ensure that quality translations are requested and delivered.

What quality assurance processes are used at Syntes?

A typical translation project entails most or all of these following steps.

  1. Source files are reviewed and problems resolved prior to the start of translation.
  2. Glossary and style guides are developed (or updated) and reviewed.
  3. Translation memory and the client glossary are used to promote consistency.
  4. Different translators are used to translate content vs. editing, proofing, and linguistic review.
  5. The client may optionally choose to do their own linguistic review.
  6. Final QA review is performed and problems resolved prior to delivery of the final translated files.

In addition, projects such as website and software localization may include one or more of the following steps depending on the client’s requirements, and the nature and complexity of the project.

  1. A project plan, including checkpoints and quality gates, is reviewed with the client.
  2. Project reviews are held with the client on a mutually agreed schedule.
  3. Files are pre-processed and problems resolved prior to the start of translation.
  4. Optional internationalization and design reviews are offered as a tool for improving the website for the target market and for improving the effectiveness of the localization process.
  5. Desktop publishing and/or graphics editing is performed and reviewed to assure that all translated materials conform to formatting requirements.
  6. Localization testing is performed at Syntes, or via remote access to the client’s test site, or the client may choose to have Syntes provide on-site testing.
  7. All defects and resolutions are tracked.  Where appropriate, fixes are reviewed with the client.
  8. Syntes provides the optional service to work with the client’s engineering team to fix all localization-related defects and perform regression testing.

Will Syntes provide references?

Yes, we are very pleased to provide references.



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