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How does Syntes choose its translators?

In-house translators and editors are selected and hired through an extensive and thorough process. Only the very best are chosen to work at Syntes. The interview process does not start until the candidates have passed a mandatory translation test, then the phone and in-person interview processes start. This is a multi-step process designed to identify the best candidates both from a technical point of view and for fit with our company culture and values. Our track record for identifying, hiring and retaining top talent is unmatched.

Contract translators are selected based on their credentials and experience, an interview process and results of a “real-job” test, along with extensive reference checks as appropriate. We do not seek the cheapest translator that will bid on a job board. Rather, we select translators for their expertise, their technical acumen, and their track record of quality, on-time delivery. Because we have been in business for almost 20 years and enjoy outstanding industry relations, we are able to tap the expertise of the top translators around the world and have worked with many of our vendors for well over 10 years.

What credentials or certifications are required from translators?

Syntes’ translators have college degrees in different subject areas, and many have advanced degrees. Most of our in-house translators have degrees in translation. All of our translators have significant experience in the industry, and many hold certifications from professional associations or similar credentials.



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