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What are your typical turnaround times?

Our typical turnaround time for projects such as translations of multi-page documents is three to five days, depending on the volume of the source material. We commit to a delivery interval based on the client’s requirements, the size of the project, and the nature of the source material.

When the size of a project can only be estimated prior to starting work, we work closely with the client to integrate our project plan with the client’s overall project plan. A typical example of such projects is localizing a website into one or more languages.

Is Syntes able to handle rush requests?

Syntes has considerable experience in the localization industry. The industry is characterized by both programmed and non-programmed requests for translation services. Our processes and systems are built to meet this requirement. Our Project Managers are the key to this capability. They are chosen on their ability to manage multiple projects. They know how to quickly scope a request, assign the right resources, and deliver on-time. We routinely handle rush requests for a variety of clients. Requests that require very fast turnaround are charged rush premiums.

How do I know that Syntes has the ability to handle my project?

Syntes is a full-service translation, interpretation and localization firm which has served the language management needs of corporations, professional services firms and government for 19 years. Our projects range from very large on-going projects for a leading wireless service provider, to small requests from a wide variety of clients. Syntes has served hundreds of clients and delivered a translation/localization volume of approximately 7 million words during the past year. Our clients value us for our quality and responsiveness.

Regardless of whether your projects are large, have ongoing requirements, or are small translation projects, we will successfully meet your requirements just as we meet the needs of all of our existing clients.



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