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What languages do you handle?

Syntes handles most of the world’s languages and has delivered translation or interpreting jobs in over 100 languages. If you need a language, chances are great that Syntes can deliver.

Do you handle Asian languages?

We routinely handle assignments in Asian languages, from the more common requests for Chinese, Japanese or Korean translations to the more obscure Malay, Bahasa Indonesian or Tamil. In addition to translation, we handle all Asian character sets in website localization, graphics editing, and desktop publishing.

Does Syntes have experience helping companies address the US Hispanic market?

Many of our marketing clients value Syntes based on our core competence in Spanish translations. These clients rely on us to assure that their marketing materials and consumer websites are both linguistically correct and culturally appropriate for the US Hispanic market. The US Hispanic market itself is both culturally and linguistically diverse. This means consumer websites and marketing collateral must employ a version of Spanish which is acceptable to all US Hispanics. Such translations can only be achieved by experienced translators who understand the diverse cultural and linguistic heritage of US Hispanics.

The diversity of dialects within Syntes’ expert team of in-house Spanish translators has allowed us to fully meet the expectations of this diverse market time after time. For example, Syntes is the sole provider of Spanish translations for one of the largest wireless service providers in the US. Syntes is passionate about delivering accurate, consistent and culturally appropriate translations.




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