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Languages Spoken in the U.S
By Roxanne Stone, Marketing Manager of Syntes Language Group, Inc.

In a country that has no official language, if you ask someone, "What is the language of the United States?" undoubtedly you would get, "English" as the reply. And although English is the primary language, many other languages are spoken at home, with the following chart showing the top 10.































Why is this important to you? Because these numbers give you an idea of who is visiting your company’s website and looking at the products and services you offer. This means that whether you do business domestically or internationally, there are large segments of customers that would prefer to see your website in their native language. 


In an eight-country survey of 2,400 customers, localization market research and advisory firm Common Sense Advisory found that 52% of online consumers make purchases only from those websites that present information in their native language. Because of this, there are growing opportunities for businesses to reach consumers through proper localization.  How much opportunity? Consider this: of the more than 1 billion online shoppers worldwide, only 27% speak English as their primary language. 

Syntes specializes in providing culturally-authentic localization - and proper localization provides an impressive ROI. In a study performed by LISA (Localization Industry Standards Association) it was shown that for every $1 spent on localization, businesses saw a $25 return on investment. Working with a trusted partner like Syntes means you can rest assured that your site is localized consistently, providing the same brand experience for all audiences. 

Ready to increase your visibility? Visit our Services page to see how we can help. 

Top Languages Spoken in US
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