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Worry no more about finding honest, high-quality translation and interpreting services from a trusted resource in the legal industry. Syntes can provide your law firm or courthouse with linguists that are experts in the legal realm, and are certified to handle your projects. We’re known for our accurate, high-quality translation, and have perfected our science in knowing how to give excellent services to firms and courthouses. We’re here for you, so your firm or courthouse can communicate clearly, accurately, and effectively with your clients or parties.


Documentation is key in the world of the law, and at Syntes we understand the importance of delivering high-quality translated documents for your court hearings, legal needs, depositions, and more. Syntes has provided over 30 years of legal translation services, helping law firms, and court houses communicate more clearly and effectively with parties and clients. Our certified expert linguists are here to service your firm's or courthouse's needs, including on site!

Examples of Legal Services Provided:

  • Patent/Intellectual Property Document Translation

  • M&A Transaction

  • Court interpreting

  • Deposition translation

  • Mediation interpreting

  • Witness Interview interpreting

  • Settlement hearing interpreting

  • Court document translation

  • Court hearing interpreting



Thank you for the assistance provided by your company during the 14th U.S.-Mexico Border State Attorneys General Conference. Judging by the feedback I received, the conference was an unqualified success. This is due in large measure to the excellent interpreting services you provided.
                             - Attorney General, State of Texas

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