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Our Tools Help With...

Our translators are assisted by sophisticated software such as memoQ, a translation environment that ensures that the hard work behind glossary creation and terminology management is not lost. With the help of memoQ we are able to handle even obscure file types with ease. Translators work through files with a live preview of the result, and the tool automatically prompts established terminology and previous or similar translations to help ensure consistency in brand voice.



Workflow automation between memoQ and our server-based management system XTRF means that files and instructions can be passed automatically from job to job, reducing the effect of time zone differences and smoothing the path to the final product.


TM, or Translation Memory, is another term for industry-specific XML files that store every sentence that we translate, helping our linguists to work quickly and accurately. The information we learn as we work with clients and learn their preferences and the details of their products is stored and used in a variety of ways to enable our superior customer service and quality deliverables.



In-house localization technology and graphic design experts enable us to work seamlessly with virtually any file format.  Translating an app with a whole mess of strings? No problem. Looking to get your website translated quickly without having to worry about future updates and changes to the English? In-house technology and graphic design experts have experience with localization in many programs, including Adobe Creative Suite, and QuarkXPress, as well as programming languages such as JavaScript and Ruby. Our proxy service technology takes the work out of website localization by providing on-the-fly translated content that can automatically pull any updates made to the source copy, reducing the need to be constantly emailing files back and forth. Finally, we even have an in-house studio for voice recording and video dubbing projects.

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