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Good localization makes a product look and feel fully native to the target audience - as if the content were created specifically for that market. At Syntes, we have a cadre of international localization specialists who focus on the look and feel of your material; be it a brochure, website or game.



Many clients often don't realize that a "high-quality" translation project involves more than the transfer of words from one language to another. Internationalization makes all the difference! For example, how tall is 1.6 meters exactly? How much is 10 euros? Why does this UI string render fine in English but come out backward in Korean? If your audience has to convert currencies, date formats and time zones - all while trying to understand your message - you've already lost them.


We can help! Syntes provides a full range of localization and internationalization services, from cultural and linguistic adaptations, to all technical elements of the localization process such as engineering, desktop publishing and graphics editing. We also conduct software and website testing/validation.




Internet of Things


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