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Language Services: Quality over Quantity

With 30+ years in the language services industry, Syntes Language Group knows a thing or two about quality. Imagine the stress of working with a firm only focused on quantity that pushes out language projects at a rapid rate, ignoring mistakes in order to move on to the next request. Spoiler alert: that’s just not the Syntes way. Although timely delivery is something we pride ourselves on, making sure we provide quality work is the cornerstone of our success.

We Use Qualified Linguists

In order to provide top-tier language services, quality must start at the root of Syntes; with our linguists. Putting time and effort into selecting a team helps us prioritize those with exceptional education, achievement and work ethic. If a linguist impresses us with their qualifications, chances are they will impress you too! The Syntes vetting process helps us to determine if a linguist is an expert in their field, which industries they specialize in and that all of their certifications are current. In order to assure our standards of quality are being met, we only work with the best of the best. No exceptions.

Our Certified Processes Help Us Learn

Syntes adheres to quality processes that reflect our quality work. We hold an ISO 9001:2015 certification, assuring our Quality Management System is functional and meets the standards of an impartial auditor. Adhering to and improving our processes helps Syntes function like a well-oiled machine and forces us to learn what works and what doesn’t. As all business owners know, a few mistakes are inevitable. A business must learn from bumps in the road and grow accordingly to prosper and retain a good reputation. At Syntes we always strive to be better and it shows directly in our work.

Quality in the Day-to-Day

Quality is not just working in the background, it is something we keep front of mind in our daily tasks. Every request that comes through our doors is handled with care. Sharp eyes are needed for Quality Assurance and Proofreading, and we will not rest without being confident that our expectations have been met. Syntes also performs Desktop Publishing and graphics work to make sure your document looks exactly like the source without any formatting mistakes. Extra attention focused on these quality measures is what sets Syntes apart from the competition. Because we care, providing the most accurate language services is not just our goal, but our promise.


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